Boutique Medical Clinic

Located on Henry Street Fremantle, Perth. The Lance Holt building was to be converted into a medical facility. I chose to push the boundaries and convert it into a boutique medical clinic for people with Gender Dysphoria - individuals who identify as Transgender. It will provide medical facilities and access to specialists, in helping patients transition and most importantly provide life changing cosmetic surgeries. The process of transitioning is what inspired my concept, which was Evolve. The interior has been designed to take patients through the journey of evolving to ones true self. Different zones of the building reflect different stages of the process, from the Entry: symbolising ones emotion of feeling incomplete with false perceptions of them selves from others. To Surgery & Recovery: Recuperating and metamorphosing into a new person. To the Exit: their outside reflecting whats inside, feeling connected and whole. The journey is an experience, physically and emotionally.