Located on Bayview Terrace Claremont, Perth. This upper market location provides the perfect scene for a high-end fine dining experience. Restaurant Attica - Melbourne, is known for it's unique culinary inspired by nature, using ingredients hand picked and foraged locally. My concept was inspired by Attica's eccentric dishes, which I describe as a forged concoction of nature. The interior was to live up to the food, to evoke a sense of eccentricness with a reference to nature without being too literal. Fine dining is nothing casual, so I wanted it to be beautiful and bespoke, and just like its food make a unique statement. Materials and finishes are a mix of highly refined and opulence to more natural finishes, with inviting spaces catering enough room for private and intimate dining to group seating.  A unforgettable dining experience  is was what I wanted to achieve, by creating a moody atmosphere setting it apart from the ordinary.